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Russian Roulette

By12C Allison & Charlotte

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    A man walked into a typical western pub late at night, and closed the dark brownwooden pub door gently to let it isolate the loud disturbance that the drunksmade inside. He pulled his grey beret down over his eyes, and quickly made hisway through the crowd. There was a man sitting at the center of the crowd,holding a revolver in his right hand. The crowd kept yelling out that man’sname, and they were swarming and humming like flies. 

“Pull the trigger! Kirk!” Drunks yelled, and straightway the jollity broke looseamong the crowd.

    When he saw the man slowly aimed the gun at his temple with a confident smile, he tooka step closer to the center of the crowd.

    Kirk was a well-known gambler for his unbeatable wining rate. However,his reputation was broken recently. He lost a gamble at Las Vegas, and thatfailure made him fall from the peak to the valley of his life overnight.  Since then, Kirk wasaddicted to alcohol. 

    One night, Kirk came to the pub as usual. He perched on a tallstool by the bar silently. The bartender took a bottle of beer to Kirk and said:“There are ups and downs in life, you have to accept it.” 

 “It is exact human nature.They can’t wait to pull you down from the top, even though you only make asmall mistake. Take me as a vivid example,” Kirk said with a forced smile. “I only lost one game and they criticized me as the lame duck.” 

“Cheer up, guy. Don't you remember that Russian roulette five years ago? That was amazing!”

Kirk paused and rolled his eyes, “That was a thousand years ago.”

“But you want to make it happen again, right?” the bartendersmiled and leaned forward conspiratorially, “Russian roulette would be held on23 p.m. tomorrow at old place. Hope you will come.”

    Kirk made no response but pulled the glass tightly.

    When Kirk went to the pub, there was just 10 minutes left before the game start. He stood at the front of the pub for few minutes. Thoseear shattering music passed through the front door and floated into his ear. Kirk stood there, lost in thought for a while and thenwalked into the pub. His arrival created a flash ofsilence, but the pub immediatelybecame noisy again. The center of conversation wasevidently about Kirk, for they glanced at him from time to time. A rabble offractious and restless drunk whistled to him scornfully. He ignored the surroundings and sped to the back room. 

    The back room of the pub was the place where those shady activities taken place in. Also, it was a place where full of gambling and decadent fun; a place where Kirk used to spend all night in.

       “Are you ready for it?” the bartender asked and offered Kirk a glass of whisky.

       “What a meaningless question.” Kirk answered and took a sip of drink; his head was bowed so thatthe bartender could hardly see his expression. 

       The clock struck eleven. Kirk went to the center of the table and sat down. Meanwhile,those people who were sitting outside flowed into the back room. A man who dressedlike a waiter walked towards the center of the crowd. He gestured to others tocalm down the atmosphere.

       “In casethere are rookies here,” he said. “I’ll explain the rules. In Russian roulette,the player will get a revolver. Each revolver contains six chambers, and onlyone chamber is loaded. The player should place the muzzle towards head and pullthe trigger. If you’re survived, a large amount of bonus will be givento you. The amount of bonus will be doubled by the number of times you shoot. Stop or continue is depends on you. Good luck.” 

       “Let me start first.” Kirk said as the man finished his speech.

       The man smiled and slid the revolver across the table to Kirk. “Now, the game starts.”


Even though Kirk tried to recover his composure, theperspiration started forth upon his hands when he held the revolver. He truly wanted to rehabilitate himself by winning this game, so it was a must for himto grab the chance. However, his hand quivered when placing the muzzle towards his head. He started to worry about death. His blood rushed into a hell offear, anxious and cowardice. He almost wanted to run away. Then, he looked at the surroundings, and saw those sarcasm and taunt on people’s face. 

“You have nothing to lose but yourself.” he said to himself silently. With both excitement and fear, Kirk pulled the trigger. 

    There’s no bullet. He survived. Cheers went up in the crowd. Kirk let out his breath ina long exhalation and was drenched in cold sweat.

    Speaking of Kirk’s failure, it should be traced back to twomonths ago, when he was attending a party at Las Vegas. One of his friendsinvited him to attend a large gambling. At first, the gamble was conductedsmoothly. The opponent’s face became sullen. However, when he was almost readyto win the game, he saw a familiar vague figure through the crowd. He couldn’tremember that figure clearly, but it made him frightened and his mind wandered.He felt he had an illusion since the figure just looked like his previous opponent, Magee. He made a couple of mistakes in the gamble because of it and lost the game, with the cost of two thirds of his fortune. 

“It was the perfect time to wash my stain away.” Thinking ofthis, Kirk pulled the trigger again.This time, hisexcitement overcame the fear obviously. Luckily, there’s no bullet again.


    It was not clear that whether it was because of the alcohol or hypertension,everything he saw began to twist and this made him feel dizzy and a species ofuneasiness. A different scene appeared before him and he recognized that it was the scene of gamble that held five years ago. He saw his opponent, Magee,was standing in front of him and they were both standing at the center of thecrowd. He heard the barbaric yawp of crowd when Magee fired the first shot andpassed the gun to him. Kirk saw himself gave Magee a mocking smile and shoottwice at his temple. His actions successfully gained the people’s exclamation.Kirk saw Magee’s face turned stunned and embarrassed, and this pleased himmentally. Magee seemed to be humiliated and riled, so he snatched the gun fromKirk’s hand and was ready to start the next round. However, Lady Luck was noton his side. After a sharp gunshot rang out, Kirk became the winner.

    People’s scream and yell pulled his mind back to the reality. Kirk looked down at thegun in his hand and knew exactly whatit would bring to him after the next shot. Hismind became dreadfully calm after abnormal excitement. Kirk pointed the gun athis temple with little hesitation and smiled, and people around him began toyell out his name feverishly. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Kirkfelt that he was being stared by someone very intensely, so he raised his head to the crowd. The smile froze on his face when he saw the man in a grey beret.The naked hatred on the man’s face clutched suddenly in his chest. What reallymade him terrified was that there was an uncommon likeness between this man andMagee. The fear occupied his mind, and he pulled the trigger under unconscious.After a shot went off and the sound died away, silence reigned.

One week later, the pub still runs as usual. Under the dim light, the drunks in thepub were raving loudly, and their shouts almost covered the jazz music thatreleased by the vintage jukebox. The bartender was sitting behind the barcounter. When he finished polishing the cocktail glasses and lines them upbehind the bar, he heard the slight sounds from the wind chimes which was hungon the pub door. The bartender turned his head and looked towards the door. Itwas the grey hat man. He pulled his grey beret so low that no one could see hisface clearly and carried a black suitcase. The man strode past a couple ofdrunks who stumbled past him and zigzagged his way across the scattered emptybottles on the ground to the table at corner of the bar. The bartender rosefrom his seat and took a bottle of whisky and two glasses. The man cast a glanceat him when he saw the bartender walk in a leisure manner towards him, then heput the suitcase on the table and pushed it towards the bartender.

“All your reward is here, there’s no need to check.” The man said to the bartender when the bartenderput down the bottle and glasses on the wooden table.

The bartender seemed to pay no heed to hiswords and opened a bit of the case. When he found that the suitcase was full ofmoney, he smiled with satisfaction and sat opposite to the man.

“How did you know he would surely come and play this game?” The bartender broke theice and poured a glass of whisky for the man and himself.

“He would try for his fame and gain,” the man said and swirled the glass.

The bartender smiled and took a sip. Then he stared at the man’s face for a momentuntil the man looked up at him doubtfully.

“You and your brother are very much alike,” the bartender said, “the acquaintancescan easily guess your relationship although your brother died five years ago.Are you two really not twins?”

“He’stwo years older than me.” The man made a short pause and replied. Then heextracted an object from his pocket. It was a broken open-faced watch.

The bartender took another drink. A thing suddenly occurred to him that he rummagedhis pocket and took out a small bag. 

“Literally there was no need to add so much in his drink. A little bit is enough to inducehallucinations.” The bartender shook the bag and said to the man. “By the way,don’t you think it’s ironic that he was famous in this way and died in theexactly same way?”

“He deserved it.” The man said emotionlessly when he stroked the broken watchfondly. On the back of the watch in ornate lettering were the English words: “Magee Douglas.”








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受: 春风十里 五十里 一百里  体测八百米   海底两万里   德芙巧克力   香草味八喜  可可布朗尼  榴莲菠萝蜜  芝士玉米粒 鸡汁土豆泥 黑椒牛里脊 黄焖辣子鸡 红烧排骨酱醋鱼 不如你 全都不如你









p1 Jessica小朋友接even电话

   When rejecting the invitation of Monet’s exhibition, Jessica thought she might went out of her mind. How could she reject the opportunity of viewing her favourite artist’s exhibition merely for the sake of buying materials with Even together? Deadline of that painting competition is a month later, she hadn’t generate any ideas yet. It would be an excellent chance to collect ideas. Anyway, she thought, it’s worthy. 

Jessica then recalled the excitement when she received the phone call from Even. She had just accept going to Monet’s Exhibition with her teacher. All of a sudden Even name showed up on her phone. Jessica felt a current going through her body, from her toes to hand. Suppressing the urge to scream, she picked phone up.   

   “Hey. How’s going?” She tired to make her voice sounds as usual. 

   “Not bad. Eh, I forgot to tell you that our material should be ready by next Monday. Do you have time on this weekend  that we could buy the material together?” 

   Jessica heard the sound from Even clearly, but she failed to get his meaning.

   Her mind went vacant. 

   “Jessica? Are you listening?”

   When Even’s voice appeared again, Jessica took a while to collect herself and finally understand what he had just said. Jessica felt she has run out of her luck. Handing out with Even, even it’s just  an appointment for working purpose, was such a untouchable dream for her before. Now it would come true. 

   “! Sorry about being disturbed. I certainly have time on weekend. It is my honour to be able to work with my dear Chairman.” Jessica grinned and apologised to her teacher silently. 

  “It is also my honour to be able to work with such a brilliant ‘artist’,” Even answered “I’ll then send the address and time to you. Check your phone later.”

  “Great. See you this weekend.” Jessica said.

  “See you.” Even hand up the phone.

p2 美妙的图书馆相遇

Jessica does loves reading, she just cannot understand why people can spend over 6 hours sitting in one place even without moving. 

   “Are there any magnet or magic which attracts you staying in the library?” She complained to Noora “You’ve been here for more than 6 hours and it’s time for dinn…”Jessica’s voice was increasingly lower and vanishing in the end.

   “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Noora asked and looked up to her with perplex. Then she understood. Even had came and sat beside Jessica. She sighed in her heart and left the library silently.

   “So, did you talk to him?” Noora asked and string the coffee.

   “I tried. But I found I did not even know the name of his book——so, so I borrowed his book after he returned it.” Jessica said “By the way, he owns a beautiful hand-writing.”

   “Fine. I understood. Even is perfect right? I knew. I got it.” Noora said.

   “Anyway, to know more about his interest, I made a decision!” Jessica seemed don’t mind Noora’s impatient, “I’ll read every book Even had borrowed from the library.”

   Jessica never say malarky. All of her space time were almost devoted to library since she made that decision. She was used to sitting in the same position as that day, when Even came and sat beside her, and rose a little hope that Even will notice her. 


How to see Deer

co-written by Allison&Charlotte


* * *

Forget roadside crossings

Go nowhere with guns

Go elsewhere your own way

Lonely and wanting.

Again, Jessica found herself standing in the center of a forest where the fog in there made her could hardly see faint but a vague shape of an animal in the distance. 

   “Come here, come closer to me,” she muttered eagerly to the animal and tried to see it clearly through the heavy mist suffused in the dense forest. The animal seemed to respond to her and turned its head as she wished. With bated breath, she stared at that shadowy figure, feeling a growing tenseness and expectancy. It was just then the fog that gathered around the animal became thicker and Jessica felt her soul was forcibly pulled back to the reality.

   When she awoke, daylight was streaming in through windows. Jessica lied on her bed until her eyes and mind adjusted. It must be a deer, she thought. Even she herself didn't know why she was so obsessed with the animal appeared for several times in her dreams. A strong desire was prompting her to try to see it clearly, just like a kid craving for chocolate. 

   The clock alarmed and reminded Jessica to get up. After the breakfast, she took out her phone and checked the calendar. She recently signed up for a painting competition which would soon begin in one and a half month. It wasn't her original intention to enter but her parents' request. Jessica remembered she had for some time been interested in drawing when she was a kid, but the passion didn't last for so long since her parents had found a teacher for her. She felt herself like a caged bird.

   Jessica signed, sat down and took out her pencil case. A lemon candy rolled out from the case and she hurriedly pick it up, put it carefully on her desk. 

   This lemon candy reminded her of the time when she was having PE class. Because of anaemia, the teacher let her sit down on a bench to take a rest. Her head was a little dizzy. She even thought she heard the hallucinated voice as real when she heard a voice of a boy with care.

   " Are you ok?" The boy asked.

   Jessica shook her head and looked up at that boy based on the curiosity. Then she felt her heart flipped. The boy looked handsome and the most things that impressed Jessica were his brilliant green eyes as emeralds. His eyes almost can make a girl fall in love immediately, she thought. Then she was surprised to see the boy took out two candies from his pocket and gave them to her.

   "Girls should pay more attention to rest." He smiled.

   When Jessica came to herself, the boy had left for some time. The organ in her chest was beating very fast and she could be sure that her face must be flushed. She felt chagrined at herself for not expressing her thanks to him. Jessica unwrapped a candy wrapper and swirled the candy around her mouth, feeling the spread of the sweetness in her mouth and to her heart.

    Since that day, Jessica kept prying into the information about the boy she met and she heard some from her bestie, Noora. The boy's name was Even and was her senior. His grades generally stayed ahead of the other peers and he was the chairman of student union. 


Sunrise is good

and fog before sun

Expect nothing always

find your luck slowly

wait out the windfall

take your good time

to learn to read ferns

Jessica does loves reading, she just couldn’t understand why people can spend over 6 hours sitting there even without moving. She was reading those reference books for her projects and wished for finish her work as soon as possible. But when Even came into the entrance, she changed her mind. Now she could stay there for one day. 

   “That’s why you borrowed every book Even had borrowed from the library?” Noora asked.

   “I just want to know more about his interest!” Jessica explained.

   “Whatever, it must be magic of love.” Noora sighed. 


“Considering of your tough path on chasing Even,” Noora said to her on their way to library “I have a surprise for you.”

   “What is that, eh?” Jessica replied curiously.

   “Well, student union are finding a people who can help with designing the Christmas stage. My friend asked me whether I have an appropriate people to recommend. I gave your phone number to them. Plus, Even is in charge of designing part.” Noora said.

   A great opportunity to get closer with Even. Jessica’s spirit went up.

   After two days, the members from student union contacted Jessica formally and then she enrolled in student union. She marked on her imaged calendar everyday and waiting for the coming of the agreed day with excitement.

   The way that Jessica met with Even was a little bit different from what she thought. They stood in her classroom. It was a little embarrassed, she thought. 

   Even broke the ice “Hey, glad to meet you. We’ll work together for next week. Hopefully we can enjoy it.” Then he started his speech on his idea.

   What a nice official rhetoric. Jessica thought. Fortunately, they went smoothly after that awkward beginning. Sometimes they chatted. Jessica found Even was not as inhospitably as he seemed. Even was actually a humours and genius guy. 

“You must have a girlfriend right? Our chairman is so charismatic.” Jessica asked, trying to conceal her purpose. 

   “Then sorry for letting you down, I don't have a relationship. At least not for now.” Even chuckled,“Let’s say, if I had a girlfriend, she would go crazy now.”

   “Why are you saying that”Jessica asked.

   “How could she torrent her boyfriend spent his spare time with another girl? Though we’re in purpose of working.” Even laughed.

   Jessica couldn’t talk back anymore. That was a sweet trap. If only you said the first half segment, at least you can leave me some space to imagine, imagining that you have the same feeling on me, but you don’t. You’re always so careful and that really hurts. she thought.

   Excepted for this small interlude, everything went quite well. There were no quarrel during cooperation. Both of them were satisfy with their final design. Moreover, they enjoyed the time chatting with each other. 

   On the other side, the painting competition was still ongoing, but she couldn't come up with any ideas. 


When Even invited Jessica buying materials on weekends, she had just accepted going to Monet’s Exhibition with her teacher. However, receiving the call from Even brought her such a great excitement and shock. Thus, when Jessica took a while to collect herself, she had already accepted Even. 

  That night, she dreamed that deer once again. She was running in the forest and trying to get closer to that deer. Jessica almost succeed. When she came along with the deer, it ran away.

  The sun was blazing down on the city from enormous cloudless sky on Saturday. Jessica woke up extremely early and took the subway. Her mood was delightful and she was looking out of the window. Her phone was buzzing but she ignored it. She arrived at meeting place a little earlier. Jessica was a bit nervous, she kept asking herself “Did my hair get mess? Do I look all right?” But half an hour later, Even still didn't appear. Jessica then realised she’d better check her phone. There were 5 missed calls from Even and 1 message at the top. 

   “I felt really sorry and I apologise that I got something to tackle suddenly this morning so that I can’t buy material with you. I had sent the shopping list to you and I’ll pay for the cost. Come to see me on Monday. Again, I’m really sorry”

   “Hmm, it doesn't matter. I can do it by myself. Don't worry.” Jessica typed. She knew grievances shouldn't be camouflaged. Nevertheless, she didn't want Even thought she was a narrow person, so she just let her unaired grievances turning sour in her mouth. 

   Since Even said the materials were due on Monday, Jessica took a deep breath, adjusting herself and took her first step. Buying materials were going on wheels. By the end of the day, Jessica was attracted by a shop which offers hand painted mugs. She couldn’t stop thinking about the image that Even is using mug which has her drawings on it. Therefore, she bought one mug without thinking twice. She was pretty sure that Even would love this small gift with her own drawing on it. 

   She was wrong. When she met Even on Monday, it seemed like nothing had happened. Even paid the money for materials and he seems as indifferent as before. He rejected the small mug from her politely but Jessica sticked to give gift to him. The next day, Jessica found that mug lying on her drawer silently.

  Something had changed, Jessica couldn't tell.


You've come to assume

protective color; now

colors reform to

new shape in your eye

you've learned by now

to wait without waiting

Jessica's mood was blacker than ever even when she came back home. When her parents asked again about her recent study period and preparations for the competition, she lost her temper.

   "You always want me to be the best but never care about my feelings!" She exclaimed, rushed into her bedroom and locked the door. Her strength seemed to drain away after she had done these and the tears were streaming so fast she couldn't see. The mood recalled all of the efforts she had done to test Even's feelings for her. Every time when she wanted to be a little closer to him, she felt the distance between them and could never be across. Jessica felt herself like a ridiculous fool who believed they might be more than this and always was disappointed by the results.

   "Why I am so persistent about yearning those unreachable things?" She said in a whisper, sniffed and dried her eyes.

   Felt little hesitation, she took out the candy from the pencil-box and threw it into a trash can.

   Since then, Jessica tried to limit herself. She didn’t go to library anymore, nor the student union. Let alone chatting with Even. She controlled everything she could, but she couldn’t control her feeling. Sometimes, when she took P.E. class, she couldn’t help thinking about the first time she met Even. If time could stop at that moment when they first met. 


Even felt strange these days. He thought the mug was the beginning of all things. Jessica was a friend to him, he respected that girl. But he felt disturbing because of that gift. It was he who made Jessica stand up. How could she sent gift, that personally painted mug, to him? He wanted to give a call and ask what she meant, but he was afraid. Even didn’t know what he is fearing. Her great kindness baffled him, Even lost sleep that night. The next day, he went to school extreme early and put that mug inside Jessica’s drawer. 

   Since then, Even felt like there was something missing. He couldn't tell what it was but it continuously affected him. He could not claim down and be concentrate. Therefore, he went to library and picked some books he once borrowed. When he filled out the borrowing card, he found Jessica’s name was just under his. He opened all other books he had borrowed. Without exception, there was her name under all of his borrowed books. He suddenly understood what he was fearing and what was missing recently. He was afraid that he misunderstand Jessica’s feeling; He was afraid that Jessica treated everyone equally and he was not that exception; and he lost contact with Jessica recently. He finally realised his feeling on Jessica.


Things even out. Be

careless of nothing. See

what you see

   Jessica had not dreamed of that forest for a long time, so it was astonishing indeed when she saw  the familiar scenes in her dream. The mist in the forest was slowly fading and she saw the rising sun casting a golden glow over the forest. At that moment, she felt there was something standing behind her closely. Based on curiosity, Jessica turned around and waited until the fog dispersed. It was the deer. That big, wild, beautiful eight-point deer which she had always wanted to see. Its sleek body was gleaming in the sunlight and it had a pair of eyes, which sparkled with the brightest and innocence. Jessica held out her hand unconsciously to the deer and looked straight at the deer with a little anticipation. This time the deer didn't run away. It walked towards Jessica meekly until she could touch its beauty shining fur. She fought down her excitement and her eyes were eagerly taking in every thing of the deer within her reach.

   Suddenly, she felt someone was patted her on the shoulder and startled her from the dream. It was Noora who gave her a mysterious smile.

   "Well, your prince is looking for you, little princess," Noora beckoned her to look to the door of the classroom.

   Jessica looked up and saw Even who was leaning upon the door. When their eyes met with each other, Even gave her a shining smile and held up a small bag of lemon candies. Jessica felt her heart race uncontrollably again, just like when she first met him.


  One month later, the results of the painting competition came out. Jessica got the first prize without any doubt. According to others, the most attractive part of her painting was a beautiful deer, with a shimmering fur and a pair of mysterious eyes that kept mild light in them...


其实是看了王喻的怎样看见鹿引起的灵感 参杂了各种私心 写出来的

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