Russian Roulette

By12C Allison & Charlotte

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    A man walked into a typical western pub late at night, and closed the dark brownwooden pub door gently to let it isolate the loud disturbance that the drunksmade inside. He pulled his grey beret down over his eyes, and quickly made hisway through the crowd. There was a man sitting at the center of the crowd,holding a revolver in his right hand. The crowd kept yelling out that man’sname, and they were swarming and humming like flies. 

“Pull the trigger! Kirk!” Drunks yelled, and straightway the jollity broke looseamong the crowd.

    When he saw the man slowly aimed the gun at his temple with a confident smile, he tooka step closer to the center of the crowd.

    Kirk was a well-known gambler for his unbeatable wining rate. However,his reputation was broken recently. He lost a gamble at Las Vegas, and thatfailure made him fall from the peak to the valley of his life overnight.  Since then, Kirk wasaddicted to alcohol. 

    One night, Kirk came to the pub as usual. He perched on a tallstool by the bar silently. The bartender took a bottle of beer to Kirk and said:“There are ups and downs in life, you have to accept it.” 

 “It is exact human nature.They can’t wait to pull you down from the top, even though you only make asmall mistake. Take me as a vivid example,” Kirk said with a forced smile. “I only lost one game and they criticized me as the lame duck.” 

“Cheer up, guy. Don't you remember that Russian roulette five years ago? That was amazing!”

Kirk paused and rolled his eyes, “That was a thousand years ago.”

“But you want to make it happen again, right?” the bartendersmiled and leaned forward conspiratorially, “Russian roulette would be held on23 p.m. tomorrow at old place. Hope you will come.”

    Kirk made no response but pulled the glass tightly.

    When Kirk went to the pub, there was just 10 minutes left before the game start. He stood at the front of the pub for few minutes. Thoseear shattering music passed through the front door and floated into his ear. Kirk stood there, lost in thought for a while and thenwalked into the pub. His arrival created a flash ofsilence, but the pub immediatelybecame noisy again. The center of conversation wasevidently about Kirk, for they glanced at him from time to time. A rabble offractious and restless drunk whistled to him scornfully. He ignored the surroundings and sped to the back room. 

    The back room of the pub was the place where those shady activities taken place in. Also, it was a place where full of gambling and decadent fun; a place where Kirk used to spend all night in.

       “Are you ready for it?” the bartender asked and offered Kirk a glass of whisky.

       “What a meaningless question.” Kirk answered and took a sip of drink; his head was bowed so thatthe bartender could hardly see his expression. 

       The clock struck eleven. Kirk went to the center of the table and sat down. Meanwhile,those people who were sitting outside flowed into the back room. A man who dressedlike a waiter walked towards the center of the crowd. He gestured to others tocalm down the atmosphere.

       “In casethere are rookies here,” he said. “I’ll explain the rules. In Russian roulette,the player will get a revolver. Each revolver contains six chambers, and onlyone chamber is loaded. The player should place the muzzle towards head and pullthe trigger. If you’re survived, a large amount of bonus will be givento you. The amount of bonus will be doubled by the number of times you shoot. Stop or continue is depends on you. Good luck.” 

       “Let me start first.” Kirk said as the man finished his speech.

       The man smiled and slid the revolver across the table to Kirk. “Now, the game starts.”


Even though Kirk tried to recover his composure, theperspiration started forth upon his hands when he held the revolver. He truly wanted to rehabilitate himself by winning this game, so it was a must for himto grab the chance. However, his hand quivered when placing the muzzle towards his head. He started to worry about death. His blood rushed into a hell offear, anxious and cowardice. He almost wanted to run away. Then, he looked at the surroundings, and saw those sarcasm and taunt on people’s face. 

“You have nothing to lose but yourself.” he said to himself silently. With both excitement and fear, Kirk pulled the trigger. 

    There’s no bullet. He survived. Cheers went up in the crowd. Kirk let out his breath ina long exhalation and was drenched in cold sweat.

    Speaking of Kirk’s failure, it should be traced back to twomonths ago, when he was attending a party at Las Vegas. One of his friendsinvited him to attend a large gambling. At first, the gamble was conductedsmoothly. The opponent’s face became sullen. However, when he was almost readyto win the game, he saw a familiar vague figure through the crowd. He couldn’tremember that figure clearly, but it made him frightened and his mind wandered.He felt he had an illusion since the figure just looked like his previous opponent, Magee. He made a couple of mistakes in the gamble because of it and lost the game, with the cost of two thirds of his fortune. 

“It was the perfect time to wash my stain away.” Thinking ofthis, Kirk pulled the trigger again.This time, hisexcitement overcame the fear obviously. Luckily, there’s no bullet again.


    It was not clear that whether it was because of the alcohol or hypertension,everything he saw began to twist and this made him feel dizzy and a species ofuneasiness. A different scene appeared before him and he recognized that it was the scene of gamble that held five years ago. He saw his opponent, Magee,was standing in front of him and they were both standing at the center of thecrowd. He heard the barbaric yawp of crowd when Magee fired the first shot andpassed the gun to him. Kirk saw himself gave Magee a mocking smile and shoottwice at his temple. His actions successfully gained the people’s exclamation.Kirk saw Magee’s face turned stunned and embarrassed, and this pleased himmentally. Magee seemed to be humiliated and riled, so he snatched the gun fromKirk’s hand and was ready to start the next round. However, Lady Luck was noton his side. After a sharp gunshot rang out, Kirk became the winner.

    People’s scream and yell pulled his mind back to the reality. Kirk looked down at thegun in his hand and knew exactly whatit would bring to him after the next shot. Hismind became dreadfully calm after abnormal excitement. Kirk pointed the gun athis temple with little hesitation and smiled, and people around him began toyell out his name feverishly. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Kirkfelt that he was being stared by someone very intensely, so he raised his head to the crowd. The smile froze on his face when he saw the man in a grey beret.The naked hatred on the man’s face clutched suddenly in his chest. What reallymade him terrified was that there was an uncommon likeness between this man andMagee. The fear occupied his mind, and he pulled the trigger under unconscious.After a shot went off and the sound died away, silence reigned.

One week later, the pub still runs as usual. Under the dim light, the drunks in thepub were raving loudly, and their shouts almost covered the jazz music thatreleased by the vintage jukebox. The bartender was sitting behind the barcounter. When he finished polishing the cocktail glasses and lines them upbehind the bar, he heard the slight sounds from the wind chimes which was hungon the pub door. The bartender turned his head and looked towards the door. Itwas the grey hat man. He pulled his grey beret so low that no one could see hisface clearly and carried a black suitcase. The man strode past a couple ofdrunks who stumbled past him and zigzagged his way across the scattered emptybottles on the ground to the table at corner of the bar. The bartender rosefrom his seat and took a bottle of whisky and two glasses. The man cast a glanceat him when he saw the bartender walk in a leisure manner towards him, then heput the suitcase on the table and pushed it towards the bartender.

“All your reward is here, there’s no need to check.” The man said to the bartender when the bartenderput down the bottle and glasses on the wooden table.

The bartender seemed to pay no heed to hiswords and opened a bit of the case. When he found that the suitcase was full ofmoney, he smiled with satisfaction and sat opposite to the man.

“How did you know he would surely come and play this game?” The bartender broke theice and poured a glass of whisky for the man and himself.

“He would try for his fame and gain,” the man said and swirled the glass.

The bartender smiled and took a sip. Then he stared at the man’s face for a momentuntil the man looked up at him doubtfully.

“You and your brother are very much alike,” the bartender said, “the acquaintancescan easily guess your relationship although your brother died five years ago.Are you two really not twins?”

“He’stwo years older than me.” The man made a short pause and replied. Then heextracted an object from his pocket. It was a broken open-faced watch.

The bartender took another drink. A thing suddenly occurred to him that he rummagedhis pocket and took out a small bag. 

“Literally there was no need to add so much in his drink. A little bit is enough to inducehallucinations.” The bartender shook the bag and said to the man. “By the way,don’t you think it’s ironic that he was famous in this way and died in theexactly same way?”

“He deserved it.” The man said emotionlessly when he stroked the broken watchfondly. On the back of the watch in ornate lettering were the English words: “Magee Douglas.”

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