p1 Jessica小朋友接even电话

   When rejecting the invitation of Monet’s exhibition, Jessica thought she might went out of her mind. How could she reject the opportunity of viewing her favourite artist’s exhibition merely for the sake of buying materials with Even together? Deadline of that painting competition is a month later, she hadn’t generate any ideas yet. It would be an excellent chance to collect ideas. Anyway, she thought, it’s worthy. 

Jessica then recalled the excitement when she received the phone call from Even. She had just accept going to Monet’s Exhibition with her teacher. All of a sudden Even name showed up on her phone. Jessica felt a current going through her body, from her toes to hand. Suppressing the urge to scream, she picked phone up.   

   “Hey. How’s going?” She tired to make her voice sounds as usual. 

   “Not bad. Eh, I forgot to tell you that our material should be ready by next Monday. Do you have time on this weekend  that we could buy the material together?” 

   Jessica heard the sound from Even clearly, but she failed to get his meaning.

   Her mind went vacant. 

   “Jessica? Are you listening?”

   When Even’s voice appeared again, Jessica took a while to collect herself and finally understand what he had just said. Jessica felt she has run out of her luck. Handing out with Even, even it’s just  an appointment for working purpose, was such a untouchable dream for her before. Now it would come true. 

   “! Sorry about being disturbed. I certainly have time on weekend. It is my honour to be able to work with my dear Chairman.” Jessica grinned and apologised to her teacher silently. 

  “It is also my honour to be able to work with such a brilliant ‘artist’,” Even answered “I’ll then send the address and time to you. Check your phone later.”

  “Great. See you this weekend.” Jessica said.

  “See you.” Even hand up the phone.

p2 美妙的图书馆相遇

Jessica does loves reading, she just cannot understand why people can spend over 6 hours sitting in one place even without moving. 

   “Are there any magnet or magic which attracts you staying in the library?” She complained to Noora “You’ve been here for more than 6 hours and it’s time for dinn…”Jessica’s voice was increasingly lower and vanishing in the end.

   “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Noora asked and looked up to her with perplex. Then she understood. Even had came and sat beside Jessica. She sighed in her heart and left the library silently.

   “So, did you talk to him?” Noora asked and string the coffee.

   “I tried. But I found I did not even know the name of his book——so, so I borrowed his book after he returned it.” Jessica said “By the way, he owns a beautiful hand-writing.”

   “Fine. I understood. Even is perfect right? I knew. I got it.” Noora said.

   “Anyway, to know more about his interest, I made a decision!” Jessica seemed don’t mind Noora’s impatient, “I’ll read every book Even had borrowed from the library.”

   Jessica never say malarky. All of her space time were almost devoted to library since she made that decision. She was used to sitting in the same position as that day, when Even came and sat beside her, and rose a little hope that Even will notice her. 

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